Who We Are

Chief Rotimi Williams’ Chambers, one of Nigeria’s most senior law firms, has for over sixty-five years made seminal contributions to the evolution and development of law and the practice of law in the country.

Our rich heritage and vast experience, garnered over 70 years of continuous and distinguished practice, are best expressed in our rigorous standards, which combined with technical astuteness and commercial awareness, have served our clients well throughout those years; and continues to do so. These values coalesce in our practical and constructive approach and commitment to maximizing our clients’ positions by being continuously innovative in the perspectives we bring to bear.

Our firm continues to be informed and directed by these signposts as we consolidate our position as a leading law firm with a practice range covering corporate, criminal, litigation, mediation and arbitration, commercial and financing, in Nigeria and beyond. Fully conversant with the truth that learning never stops, we are constantly and continuously seeking to tailor and adapt our services to the evolving requirements of domestic and international clientele.