Chief Rotimi Williams' Chambers offers its clients an ethos of professionalism, as well as a complete and comprehensive range of legal services in Nigeria and beyond. These include:
  • an abiding commitment to attention to detail, technical astuteness and commercial awareness.
  • a belief that included in every specific brief is our own brief to maximise our clients position, within the ample bounds of the law.
  • seamless and integrated legal services in every major jurisdiction in the world through our long-standing membership of Terralex, a global body of independent law firms.
  • our multi-specialist and client-centric approach to the practice of law, promoting a grasp of the essentials of the client’s core business as an indispensable platform for professional service; enabling counsel to give advice borne of close working-knowledge of the client’ operations and business needs.
  • a commitment to develop and build understanding and trust of the client’s need in a way that enhances the relationship between counsel and client.
While the Client Groups of which there are at present 20 is our platform of preference, individual counsel are encouraged to develop interests in particular areas, affording them, the firm and our clients the benefits of a degree of specialisation without the straight jackets they often presage.

Our spread of clientele and their business sectors has enabled the chambers to over the years build a level of proficiency over a wide range of subject matter including but not limited to: Manufacturing; Land Matters; Pharmaceuticals; Canning & Packaging; Lifestyle; Cargo, Courier Services & Logistics; Maritime; Environmental Law; Taxation; Oil & Gas; Banking and Insurance; Information & Communications Technology; Seismography; Construction Law & Civil Engineering Contracts; Mediainter alia. These areas of prior engagement reflect the range (non-exhaustive) of practice areas the firm continues to excel in as well as our willingness to charter new territory.

In responding to clients’ needs, our counsel err on the side of a surplusage of diligence and conscientiousness in the advice they provide; and, counsel’s commercial awareness of his client’s needs makes time-consciousness second nature at Chief Rotimi Williams’ Chambers.


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