Who We Are

Chief Rotimi Williams’ Chambers (CRWC) is one of Nigeria’s most well-respected and successful law firms..

With over 70 years of experience as a full-service law firm, CRWC has made a significant impact on the evolution and development of both the law and its practice within and outside Nigeria.One of the most distinguishing features of CRWC is the strict and rigorous standard that the firm demands of its lawyers. That, along with decades of experience has helped create a firm with the technical prowess and commercial understanding necessary to provide our clients with the best legal counsel in the country.

CRWC strives to continuously innovate to satisfy our clients. The learning process is a never-ending one, and we are always seeking new ways to adapt our services to the constantly evolving world of domestic and international law.

Our Inexorables

At the heart of how and what we see ourselves as is the pride of place we give the quality of advice we provide. We bring to bear long-standing in-depth knowledge of our jurisdiction, as well as its principal points of interface. Our operational backbone is evident in the integrated team approach we have adopted in serving and servicing our client’s needs. Our ability to leverage a global legal service in Terralex means strong working relationships are woven across all the continents of the world and all its major cities. In a world of continuously declining response times, having counsel well embedded with knowledge of the client’s business is vitally important. This kind of in-depth knowledge and skill-sets also allow us the flexibility to assemble project-specific teams at short notice.

Our Focus

At CRWC, our reputation depends on the experience of our clients. As we build relationships with our clients, the sense of mutual trust and understanding that develops between the counsel and the client ensures that the latter receives a tailored legal service. In addition, CRWC maintains a strong team-cantered environment. We train and work together, building relationships and trust that allow each of us to focus on what we do best.

Our commitment to the client, team-building environment and client–counsel relationship-building are the three most significant keys to our success.

International Strength & Strategy

TerraLex is at the heart of both our international advantage and our international strategy. TerraLex is one of the largest and most elite international law firm networks in the world. TerraLex consists of over 155 member firms and 17,000 lawyers spanning over 100 countries.

The TerraLex network encourages collaboration and relationship-building among its member firms. They also share in our vision for providing the best client service, and the network of firms makes it feasible for member firms to participate in even the most complex cross-border transactions. CRWC is a frequent partner with other international firms and serves as the sole Nigerian firm member.

For our clients that wish to execute a deal in another territory, CRWC has forged relationships in many TerraLex network countries, making it easier for our clients to interface with a domestic law firm in the country of their choice. In these situations, CRWC serves as the lead member for the client, while organizing and providing logistical support to the law firms in the other countries.

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